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I Have Low Self Esteem and Need Help…?

Question by Jeena: I have Low Self Esteem and Need Help…?
and have been trying to (for some reason *I* don’t even understand)..to make a relationship work with a man who doesn’t care about himself or others at all. There… Continue reading

As a Recovering Drug Addict I Truly Have Found Respect for Mind Changing Mood Altering Drugs…but?

Question by laura b: as a recovering drug addict i truly have found respect for mind changing mood altering drugs…but?
what aout the people that despite their drugs (i.e. needing the meds before drug use) are still taking them, Is… Continue reading

What Symptoms Do People Have After Taking Drugs Like E’s and Pot?

Question by ?mum: What symptoms do people have after taking drugs like E’s and pot?
my ex and i have a son together and he previously took drugs before we went out and now i think hes back on them… Continue reading

Deadly Short Hills Mall Carjacking Fuels Bail Reform Debate

Deadly Short Hills mall carjacking fuels bail reform debate
NEWARK — One week before police say he took part in a deadly carjacking at the Short Hills mall, Hanif Thompson was spotted breaking into property in Newark, getting into an… Continue reading

How Can I Get Over Social Anxiety?

Question by : How can I get over social anxiety?
I hate constantly beating myself up about being too quiet. I don’t think I’ll ever get a decent job and am really worried about having to get into the real… Continue reading

Depressed, Alone, Help Please.?

Question by Lexi: depressed, alone, help please.?
I know this is very long, but I don’t know what to do.

I’m 13, and been separated from my mother since i was 10. But, I used to live with my Mother,… Continue reading