Drug Abuse And Addiction

CDC Statitstics Show Prescription Drug Abuse Has Become National 'epidemic'

CDC statitstics show prescription drug abuse has become national 'epidemic'
Statistics do not tell a whole story, but they do underscore the national “epidemic” that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have declared in regards to opiate prescription… Continue reading

Don't Lose Sympathy for Peaches Geldof Because of Drugs

Don't lose sympathy for Peaches Geldof because of drugs
Simon Antrobus, the chief executive of Addaction, another of the UK's major addiction charities, says Peaches's death “demonstrates again the tragic and devastating consequences of using drugs”. He also said it… Continue reading

Sochi Olympics: Families Cheer Athletes From Near and Far

Sochi Olympics: Families cheer athletes from near and far
Emily Scott's father got her to speedskating practices while working and raising two girls largely on his own because her mother struggled with drug addiction. U.S. short-track speedskater Emily Scott is… Continue reading

Toronto's War on Dancing: DJ Culture Facing Attacks From Right and Left at

Toronto's War On Dancing: DJ Culture Facing Attacks From Right And Left At
Mayoral candidate David Soknacki summed up how ridiculous he thought the ban was with a YouTube video called "Six Degrees of David Soknaki," which features the… Continue reading

Why Is Marijuana Illegal?

Question by : why is marijuana illegal?
Im 14, never smoked, but im just wondering why its illegal… Please dont say its bad for you or anything like that, because it isnt.

Best answer:

Answer by Nisa
Because it smells… Continue reading

I Have Low Self Esteem and Need Help…?

Question by Jeena: I have Low Self Esteem and Need Help…?
and have been trying to (for some reason *I* don’t even understand)..to make a relationship work with a man who doesn’t care about himself or others at all. There… Continue reading