Doctors Make Boy Radioactive to Treat Rare Cancer

Doctors make boy radioactive to treat rare cancer
SAN FRANCISCO — A San Jose boy named Noah is at his home with his family after doctors turned him radioactive. It sounds like science fiction, but this special treatment may be the only thing saving his life, CBS San Francisco station KPIX-TV reports …

Teen killed in altercation with East Bay police was trying to overcome issues
They then transported him to a local hospital for treatment. "He was pretty much nonresponsive after sedation, so the officer made the decision to complete the report and then seek a warrant come Monday," Officer Steve Goard, a spokesman for the …
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Apple v. Samsung, Unspun: Patent Warfare Is a Slow, Costly Habit with Few
In the long-running case, a jury in San Jose, California, came out with what's little better than a nothing-nothing tie. For infringing three of the five … (For your reference and/or insomnia treatment: Apple claimed infringement of patent 5,946,647 …
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