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Ohio Sets Stage in Race for Governor

Ohio sets stage in race for governor
COLUMBUS, Ohio — The November field for governor was set Tuesday and Ohioans voted their approval for a state program for repairs and upgrades to roads and bridges. Cuyahoga County … Those could… Continue reading

Doctors Make Boy Radioactive to Treat Rare Cancer

Doctors make boy radioactive to treat rare cancer
SAN FRANCISCO — A San Jose boy named Noah is at his home with his family after doctors turned him radioactive. It sounds like science fiction, but this special treatment may be… Continue reading

Heroin: The Epidemic

Heroin: The Epidemic
When patients have recovered from their illnesses or surgeries and can no longer get the medications to which their bodies have become accustomed (and addicted,) they seek out other sources-dealers, who peddle stolen and illegally manufactured …
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BrainBriefs: Odds and Ends From AAN

BrainBriefs: Odds and Ends from AAN
PHILADELPHIA — Analysis of diagnostic and treatment patterns at a group of primary care clinics revealed that many patients were almost certainly treated incorrectly, a researcher reported here. In other studies covered in this… Continue reading

'Silicon Valley' and the Return of Stoner Television

'Silicon Valley' and the Return of Stoner Television
Critics of on screen marijuana use like the Parents Television Council have maintained that normalization of drug use in media sends the wrong message and perpetuates more usage. Shapeero says television …… Continue reading

La Muda (Cocaine Version Instrumental ) Dolores.Uruguay.

La Muda (cocaine version instrumental ) Dolores.Uruguay. – La Muda ( Eric Clapton – Cocaine ) version instrumental.En Caramora febrero 2011.Dolores Uruguay. Milton Ruiz (guitarra) Sebastian Piaze (guitarra) Hugo Pere…


Indianapolis IN Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches Expansion of Intervention… Continue reading