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Cocaine is a stimulant of the central nervous system and an appetite suppressant, which is obtained from the leaves of the coca plant. Cocaine readily passes into the brain when ingested into the body. A high level of dopamine is built-up in the brain which stimulates nerve cells causing euphoria.

Even though it is considered illegal by possession, cultivation, and distribution of cocaine for non-medicinal and non-government sanctioned purposes in virtually all parts of the world, it is one of the most freely commercialized products in the world. The addictive properties of cocaine have destroyed many lives all through history, ever since its discovery.

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The use of Cocaine is a cancer that is prevalent across all socioeconomic strata and is no respecter of age, demographics, economic, social, political, religious, and livelihood.

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Cocaine Addiction

The world’s most powerful stimulant of natural origin known to man is cocaine. In the form of fine white powder, it sold on the streets. It can either be absorbed, inhaled, injected, sniffed or taken orally.

There are two primary forms of cocaine: one, the powdery type used for snorting up the nose. The second is freebase, better known as crack cocaine, used for smoking.

No matter the form or type of cocaine you take, addiction is swift to follow and dependency evolves in less than 2 weeks. Did you ever imagine that a habit you started casually, maybe to fit in with your peers or maybe due to stress would make end by you being so totally addicted and in danger of losing your life? No mercy is shown by this addiction and is swift to act.

As it lacks the physical withdrawal symptoms seen in alcohol or heroin addiction, addicts like to believe that cocaine is not addictive. Powerful psychological addictive properties are present in cocaine. Cocaine is addictive, no matter which ever way you put it, “If it is not addictive, then why can’t the user stop using?”

Methods of Cocaine Abuse

People should be aware that Cocaine is presently the most abused major stimulant in the world and has become the drug most frequently involved in emergency department visits. It is not a new drug of abuse but has come to be termed the caviar of recreational drugs.

Cocaine abuse can lead to addiction, severe health problems and death. In failed attempts to recreate the pleasurable sensations of their first exposure to cocaine, abusers are trapped in a vicious cycle of increased cocaine abuse. The route of drug administration commonly used for cocaine: snorting, injecting, and smoking causes the intensity and duration of cocaine’s effects, which include increased energy, reduced fatigue, and mental alertness. Cocaine powder is inhaled through the nose in the snorting process, where it is absorbed into the bloodstream through the nasal tissues. Needle is used to release the drug directly into the bloodstream in the Injecting process. Cocaine vapor or smoke is inhaled into the lungs in smoking process, where absorption into the bloodstream is as rapid as by injection. All three methods of cocaine abuse can lead to addiction and other severe health problems.

Health Risks from Cocaine Abuse and Addiction

Different methods of cocaine abuse produce different adverse effects – make no mistake – they are severe and life-threatening.

  • Losing Sense of smell , suffering nosebleeds, having problems with swallowing, hoarseness, and a chronically running nose are caused due to snorting.
  • Severe bowel gangrene are suffered by ingesters as a result of reduced blood flow. Injecters bring about severe allergic reactions and run increased risk for contracting HIV and other blood-borne diseases.
  • Bingers lay themselves open to irritability, restlessness, anxiety, and paranoia.

Remember, prolonged cocaine abuse may lead to a temporary state of full-blown paranoid psychosis, causing the abuser to loose touch with reality.

Regardless of the method or frequency of cocaine abuse, you should know that you are only hastening your own end. Each one of us should have a sense of purpose in our lives to enable us to avoid the lure of Cocaine.



Cocaine Abuse Effects According to Narconon Georgia




The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program has resulted in astonishing improvements in students who consistently report: – Ability to think more clearly. – Improved memory and attention span. – Greater energy. – Increased awareness of surroundings. – Increased feeling of general well being. – Reduction or elimination of many symptoms associated with drug addiction, including depression, irritability and fatigue. – Enthusiasm towards life. With the Narconon Drug Rehab Program, stable recovery is achievable!

Once past the physical cravings, through the Narconon New Life Detoxification program, the student develops life skills that will help in maintaining a productive, drug-free life. At Narconon developing a realistic and workable sense of personal ethics and responsibility is a vital part of this recovery. Personal addiction can be ended! Our statistics at narconon show that the majority of our narconon graduates have achieved this freedom. Narconon is a network of drug and alcohol treatment facilities located throughout the world. Narconon graduates go on to do very well in life. The skills they learn at Narconon will help them lead happy healthy lives.


DHS, policies are scrutinized after drug-related child deaths
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Use of drugs such as methamphetamine and cocaine during pregnancy frequently causes low-birth-weight, premature babies with underdeveloped organs who suffer withdrawal symptoms from the drugs. The babies are screened for drugs in their system.


Deputies: Infant Eats Cocaine, Dies; Parents Charged
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28 with seizure-like symptoms and later tested positive for cocaine. Investigators allege the infant ate the cocaine that was on the floor of a dining room at home and later died at the hospital. Both Washington and Ford remain incarcerated.


Florence child advocacy workers stress recognizing signs of abuse
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Two recent Pee Dee cases, in which investigators say abuse led to the deaths of young children, have child advocacy workers stressing the importance of recognizing the early signs of abuse and neglect. The first case involves a Marlboro County mother.


Michael Douglas’ son Cameron guilty of prison drug possession
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New York federal prosecutors said cocaine and methadone, a prohibited controlled substance often used to prevent withdrawal symptoms in opiate addicts, were found inside the jail cell of Cameron Douglas. The 32-year-old now faces a maximum punishment.


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