Drug Abuse And Addiction

At Prescription Drug Abuse Conference, US Rep. Keating Criticizes FDA's

At prescription drug abuse conference, US Rep. Keating criticizes FDA's
ATLANTA, Ga. — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration's decision to approve Zohydro, a potent and controversial painkiller, was "outrageous" and will have "long-lasting, devastating effects" across the nation,… Continue reading

Drug Abuse Resistance Education Fifth Grade Graduates Recognized by St

Drug Abuse Resistance Education fifth grade graduates recognized by St
The St. Bernard Sheriff's Office honored St. Bernard Parish fifth-graders who recently completed a 12-week program in Drug Abuse Resistance Education, or DARE, taught by instructors from the Sheriff's… Continue reading

Drugaddicted Health Workers Pose a Risk

Drugaddicted health workers pose a risk
More than 100,000 doctors, nurses, technicians and other health professionals across the country struggle with drug abuse or addiction, according to a USA Today examination of government data. Often falling victim to… Continue reading

Christians and Drug Use?

Question by Hope: Christians and drug use?
Someone asked a question about Bob Marley’s marijuana use and how it relates to spirituality. The hemp plant belongs to nature and there are other “drugs” with natural derivatives as well.

Why object… Continue reading

As a Recovering Drug Addict I Truly Have Found Respect for Mind Changing Mood Altering Drugs…but?

Question by laura b: as a recovering drug addict i truly have found respect for mind changing mood altering drugs…but?
what aout the people that despite their drugs (i.e. needing the meds before drug use) are still taking them, Is… Continue reading

Natural Grocers Opens in Logan

Natural Grocers Opens In Logan
LOGAN, Utah, April 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, Inc. (NYSE: NGVC), the natural foods chain that has changed many customers' lives with its nutrition education, higher standards and more affordable prices,… Continue reading