As a Recovering Drug Addict I Truly Have Found Respect for Mind Changing Mood Altering Drugs…but?

Question by laura b: as a recovering drug addict i truly have found respect for mind changing mood altering drugs…but?
what aout the people that despite their drugs (i.e. needing the meds before drug use) are still taking them, Is this still considered clean? i regularly take vyvanse 60mgs, klonopin (1-4 mgs a day, spread out) and restoril at night (3o mgs) and i’m supposed to e taking wellbutrin but foudn it to be of no use.

i spoke with my sponsor and as long as i’m not abusing these med’s i’m sober, well i’m not abusing them but i am selling what i don’t need because i have 3 convenient scripts to them all at anything……

i’m so confused help would be appreicate it….guidance as well .
i have spoken with my s[onsor on it many times and she clearly and 10% believes that if the medication is needed to function as a human being then yes take it….if it’s just because or to have fun, then no do not take it….well i need my vyvanse for my ADHD and i need my restoril to sleep at night and i need my klonopin during the ady to keep me able to deal with situations i’m not used to sober….

if it’s for the right reason rather than to sneak a high in, then it’s okay.
thanks for that background on Bill W, i didnt know that…i lost respect for AA a long time ago due to personal reasons but i am still very supportive and active in my 12 steps with the NA program…..

as someone who has dealt with a lot of undiagnosed things (until the age of 21) it’s been hard to function without taking these med’s now. I’m severely depressed, have adhd (due to my drug use) and my anxiety is out the roof (at least for right now)

i’ve been taking these meds ( minus the adhd meds) for 4 years before the drug use and they did the job and still do….the only difference is that i’m an addict who’s drug of choice was coke and meth……

i appreciate your help and words of wisdom, so to say…..

Best answer:

Answer by caca
if you’re taking drugs you’re not sober, period
but WHY be sober?
some people watch tv for entertainment, some people do drugs!
if you feel the need to do drugs, do em! you only live once

Answer by Taz V
I was wondering the same thing I was addicted to cocaine aswell as heroin,
I am now on anti-depressants as well as sleeping tablets to help me relax, so is it really being clean if you still taking something else to “hide the feelings”

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