What Symptoms Do People Have After Taking Drugs Like E’s and Pot?

Question by ?mum: What symptoms do people have after taking drugs like E’s and pot?
my ex and i have a son together and he previously took drugs before we went out and now i think hes back on them because he just snaps at me for no reason and is very moody. i dont know anyone except for him that has been on drugs cause im not into that crap. but if he is taking drugs i dont want him around my son. he has told me that he is getting a blood test to show me and his family that he is not doing them but he is has delayed it 2 times with pathetic excuses. im scared that when he does get the blood test done that it would be too late and they will just be out of his system. I DONT want my son growing up to be like him. He is not a very nice person at all and we are just now going through custody. What do i do? how can i catch him out or any other experiences like this?

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Answer by Shawnee
Go to your local drug store and purchase the drug test they have there, you can have several different test to choose from or you can buy the test that has every kind of drug you can test for, take about $ 75.00 with you.

Answer by Miss Amy22
First off, no matter what, if you took him to court and brought up the drug use he would clean before the court date and it wouldn’t help you. Trust me, I just went through it! There isn’t really a way to tell after effects off of “E” unless you were living with him and there isn’t really any with smoking pot. His eyes would be glassy, squinty, and red if he were presently high but as soon as he came down everything would be normal. If he were rollin on “E”, you would know it right then and there. NO QUESTION! Pupils would be dialated, he would be smiling alot, and on “cloud nine”. The day after “E” you are definately a little cranky but more so absent minded. Your brain is fried and doesn’t work that well the next day! If your not living with him, I doubt that you can catch him in the act. If it is drugs that he is on and the side effect is aggitation….I would assume more of a cocaine issue then anything. Cocaine, he could be high on and be around you and you wouldn’t know other then the moodiness. Cocaine however, is the easiest to get out of your system. You can pass a blood test in about 3 days if your metabolism is good. I am sorry to hear about what is going on. I wish you and your son the best. Sometimes, God has a mysterious way of working. You have to protect your son, but if his dad is an addict, he is already the son of an addict. Living the reality of that now and you being honest with him through life about the effects and consequences will help him in the long run. He could grow up never wanting to try drugs because he knows what it did to his father. Good luck!! Just keep loving your son and doing your best!

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