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How Can I Get My Druggie Friend to Lay Off Pot?

Question by Ashleigh: How can i get my druggie friend to lay off pot?
He’s 13 and he does drugs ALOT and he thinks he’s gonna die soon i rly care about him (as more than a friend) and don’t… Continue reading

Help Me, I Think I’m Going Crazy?

Question by Geeto Surfer: Help me, I think I’m going crazy?
I see things, illusions after what happened to me.Summer. In a subdivision, My parents were yelling at me( as like always in my life) because I’m not like my… Continue reading

Luciano: Paralyzed Drug Abuser Pleads With Others to Stop

Luciano: Paralyzed drug abuser pleads with others to stop
She says she began taking drugs – first cocaine, then crack – during her relationship with her husband. Her mother, Karen Kipfer of … Davidson says she repeatedly attempted rehab, with… Continue reading

Should Singers Be Concerned About the Message of Their Songs?

Question by schenzy: Should singers be concerned about the message of their songs?
Two examples spring to mind….

1: Avril Levigne’s “Girlfriend” — the message seems to be… It’s a good thing to physically, verbally and psychologically abuse nerds… go… Continue reading

Heroin Is Making a Deadly Comeback

Heroin is making a deadly comeback
In the back of her mind, Debbie St. John often feared she would find her youngest son dead one day. Joey St. John had been honest with his mother about his on-and-off drug addictions.… Continue reading

What Are Side Effects of an Abuse of Amphetamine Salts and or Vyvnace?S ?

Question by absurd: What are side effects of an abuse of amphetamine salts and or vyvnace?s ?
I have been taking vyvance on and off recreationally, it makes me able to focus a lot better in schoo and get… Continue reading