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DOJ to Expand Clemency Rules for Drug Offenders

DOJ To Expand Clemency Rules for Drug Offenders
While the rules were recently changed, many people remain in prison who were sentenced under the old system that treated offenses related crack cocaine much more harshly than for powder cocaine. DOJ… Continue reading

What Is Narco-Deforestation and How Is It Destroying Forests?

What is Narco-Deforestation and How is it Destroying Forests?
As reported in The Guardian, Kendra McSweeney, the co-author of “Drug Policy as Conservation Policy: Narco-Deforestation” explains, ”These protected ecological zones have become the hub for South American cocaine.” … These… Continue reading

Yonkers Cop Skips Arraignment to Be Treated, Lawyer Says

Yonkers cop skips arraignment to be treated, lawyer says
YONKERS – A three-year veteran of the Yonkers Police Department who was arrested on drug charges earlier this month didn't show up for his arraignment Wednesday because he was in… Continue reading

Substance Abuse Treatment Center Seattle

Substance abuse treatment center Seattle – Our substance abuse treatment center is a premier rehab. Seattle- for addiction and mental disorders try our dual diagnosis program at a substance abuse trea…


Holder: US needs "balanced approach" on heroin
WASHINGTON… Continue reading

Police Standoff in Domestic Assault Case Nets Man Four Months in Jail

Police standoff in domestic assault case nets man four months in jail
The sign at the Ontario Court of Justice in Windsor, Ont. is shown in this 2011 file photo. … The woman told police she and Halliday had been… Continue reading

Please Help! Where Do I Seek a Rehabilitation Center for Drug Abuse That Is Decent?

Question by dbelsila: Please help! Where do I seek a rehabilitation center for drug abuse that is decent?
My [foster] son in an abuser of crack cocaine. He has been “clean” for a while, but having trouble and really wants… Continue reading