Please Help! Where Do I Seek a Rehabilitation Center for Drug Abuse That Is Decent?

Question by dbelsila: Please help! Where do I seek a rehabilitation center for drug abuse that is decent?
My [foster] son in an abuser of crack cocaine. He has been “clean” for a while, but having trouble and really wants to use. I need to find a facility for him to go to to start rehab. Everything around me is like a 3 month waiting list! Anyone know how I can find help immediately? Some referral or some facility in Central Illinois. I’m willing to travel. I have looked on line and called tons of places. They have a waiting list. He is 19 with no insurance or job. Please please please help. We are desparate. I will even go to Wisconsin, Indiana, or Missouri. Please please please. We tried one facility, but it was awful. They actually were doing drugs right in the facility during the “class time”. Any suggestions for help? We have tried NA, it was a joke .. at least in my area. I don’t know how to find anything else. Any info would be helpful.

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Answer by mutant beast
Well I’m sorry but your not gonna get anything decent until you pay some big money.

Answer by Bruce Sprangstein
theres a place called Gateway in springfield illinois