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Toronto's War on Dancing: DJ Culture Facing Attacks From Right and Left at

Toronto's War On Dancing: DJ Culture Facing Attacks From Right And Left At
Mayoral candidate David Soknacki summed up how ridiculous he thought the ban was with a YouTube video called "Six Degrees of David Soknaki," which features the… Continue reading

Common Pleas Reports for 3-26

Common Pleas Reports for 3-26
In this county, Moorer was selling cocaine on both June 6 and June 20, 2013 out of her 2002 Ford Explorer. A year after being granted additional time to catch up on child support, Scott… Continue reading

Pot Decriminalization Bill Advances in Senate

Pot decriminalization bill advances in Senate
In addition to the fine, a person convicted of a third or subsequent offense could be sent by a judge to a drug treatment and education program approved by the Maryland Department of Health… Continue reading

Marijuana vs. Tobacco Health Issues?

Question by Asdfasd F: Marijuana vs. Tobacco health issues?
This is for my wellness class and i need to make a poster about the side effects of both.

they can be GOOD or BAD side effects, my teacher is very… Continue reading

Binge Eating: Most Common Eating Disorder in US Garners More Attention

Binge eating: Most common eating disorder in US garners more attention
“This is a serious psychiatric disorder,” Dr. Russell Marx, the former chief science officer at NEDA told … Marx, now the director of the adolescent program at the… Continue reading

Chad Blair: Butting Out — the End of Cigarettes

Chad Blair: Butting Out — the End of Cigarettes
With all the laws in Hawaii regulating tobacco use, it might be only a matter of time before smoking is pretty much outlawed throughout the islands. For now, most people in… Continue reading