Risky Business: Taking Risks Isn't Only Good for Your Well-Being, It's Also

Risky Business: Taking Risks Isn't Only Good For Your Well-Being, It's Also
… which regulates reward and pleasure centers in the brain, brings with it feelings of happiness, satisfaction, and an all-around good feeling — it's also released after a good meal, when your favorite sports team wins, and when taking cocaine …
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Up In Smoke: Rocky Mountain High Redefined by Legalized Marijuana
Those stratospheric cocaine prices no longer seem out of reach. … So, maybe those physicians who freely prescribed ganja for warts, PMS, anxiety (often manifested as worries precipitated by running out of pot) and a number of legit uses, such as …
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Obama plans clemency for hundreds of drug offenders
But in his crowded first term, his only foray into criminal justice was encouraging lawmakers to pass the Fair Sentencing Act, which he signed in 2010, to reduce the sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine. The disparity had the effect of …
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