Parents Given Lowdown on a Variety of Drugs That Threaten Children

Parents given lowdown on a variety of drugs that threaten children
Prescription Oxycontin is frequently over-prescribed for pain relief after surgeries but is being crushed and abused by snorters and is highly addictive with severe withdrawal symptoms. • Heroin,which today has 40 to 50 percent potency … and …
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FDA approves user-friendly device to reverse opioid drug overdoses
Anyone who administers Evzio will be given specific audible instructions on how to use the auto-injector—akin to those delivered by portable defibrillator devices for people in cardiac arrest—and overdose signs to look for such as decreased breathing …
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Jury Finds Melissa Amber Dalton Guilty – Brevard NC
After years of watching her own mother, Kimberly Dalton, struggle with crack cocaine addiction, Dalton told her mother that she wanted to end her struggle with drug and alcohol abuse, that she was tired of never having any money to feed her children …
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