Oregon Meth Deaths Surge, Cocaine Deaths Fall

Oregon meth deaths surge, cocaine deaths fall
These deaths are associated with the use of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, or a combination use of those drugs. In 2011, Oregon reported the highest number of drug-related deaths. when 240 people needlessly died from the abuse of illicit drugs. A …
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It's Easier To Die from Drinking Too Much Water Than Smoking Too Much Pot
The researchers who reviewed their deaths in the journal Forensic Science International reported found that “the younger man had a serious undetected heart problem and the older one had a history of alcohol, amphetamine and cocaine abuse.” Since all …
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Not-So-Quick Fix
The naloxone legislation is part of a broader movement to change the way we think about and treat drug addiction. Although for more than a decade the medical establishment has considered addiction a chronic disease like diabetes or heart disease—the …
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