New Amy Berg Doc About Hollywood Sex Abuse Involves Bryan Singer Accuser

New Amy Berg doc about Hollywood sex abuse involves Bryan Singer accuser
That's because “Untitled Hollywood Sex Abuse Project,” as it's being called, will likely include the plaintiff from a high-profile lawsuit against X-Men director Bryan Singer, the Daily Mail reports. Berg runs Disarming Films, and she told the Daily …
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'Super Cells – Building With Biology' – The Hope (And Hype) of Bio-Design
I will note that here Joachim uses the term “bio-polymer”, not simply “polymer”; it is not clear if the new bio-polymer was made — or just renamed — to justify the use of a synthetic bonding substance in these eco-conscious creations. The architect …

How Much Does Your Doctor Really Make?
Medicare deputy administrator Jonathan Blum wrote that he hoped the release of data will serve the public interest "by increasing transparency of Medicare payments to physicians … and shed[ding] light on Medicare fraud, waste, and abuse." … (Though …
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