Depressant, Stimulant, or Hallucinogen?

Question by Dick: depressant, stimulant, or hallucinogen?
1. causes reflex actions of the body to slow down
2. gives feelings of energy and alertness at first
3. distorts vision, perception, and other senses
4. slows down body’s central nervous system
5. develops a false sense of alertness and confidence

Best answer:

Answer by Call a spade a spade
1. depressant
2. stimulants (some hallucinogens do too like psilosybin but the answer is stimulants)
3. hallucinogen
4. depressant
5. stimulant

Answer by dbs1226
depends on what specific substance you are referring too.. all of these “symptoms” can be applied. Alcohol is a depressant, but all 5 apply when you drink. LSD is a hallucinogen, and 2 3 & 5 for sure, dunno about 1 & 4. Cocaine is a stimulant, and you get 2 3 & 5, just like the hallucinogen. But not 1 & 4.

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