Why Is Marijuana Illegal?

Question by : why is marijuana illegal?
Im 14, never smoked, but im just wondering why its illegal… Please dont say its bad for you or anything like that, because it isnt.

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Answer by Nisa
Because it smells… Continue reading

Geoff Huegill to Face Court Over Cocaine Charge

Geoff Huegill to face court over cocaine charge
The 35-year-old is the latest high-profile former swimmer facing unwanted time in the spotlight, after fellow Olympians Ian Thorpe and Grant Hackett both recently entered rehab. Thorpe sought help for depression after… Continue reading

In Plano as in New York City, Heroin Is a Killer

In Plano as in New York City, Heroin Is a Killer
It grabbed headlines in February with the death of 46-year-old actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, who succumbed to an “acute mixed drug intoxication including heroin, cocaine, benzodiazepines and amphetamine” in… Continue reading

I Have Low Self Esteem and Need Help…?

Question by Jeena: I have Low Self Esteem and Need Help…?
and have been trying to (for some reason *I* don’t even understand)..to make a relationship work with a man who doesn’t care about himself or others at all. There… Continue reading

Burning Fuse Cocaine Version Finale

Burning Fuse Cocaine version finale


Michael Le Vell 'wants to marry loyal girlfriend Louise Gibbons'
He has suffered a grueling year, which included being accused – then cleared – of sex offences, suspended from his job and admitted… Continue reading

At Prescription Drug Abuse Conference, US Rep. Keating Criticizes FDA's

At prescription drug abuse conference, US Rep. Keating criticizes FDA's
ATLANTA, Ga. — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration's decision to approve Zohydro, a potent and controversial painkiller, was "outrageous" and will have "long-lasting, devastating effects" across the nation,… Continue reading